Cambodia Country Report

Cambodia Country and Technical Report. Download country and technical report here.
Report summary: While Cambodia’s labor laws do provide for maternity leave and some related benefits, Cambodia scored poorly for Sub-Index A due to the absence of provisions for paternity leave, dependent care leave and flexible work arrangements. Cambodia’s domestic workers are explicitly excluded from the country’s labor laws but owing to new regulations aimed at protecting some of their working conditions, the country scored better on Sub-Index B. Cambodia is rated as “Emerging,” with a total score of 3.71.

Cambodia’s law leaves domestic workers unseen and unprotected

The most recent estimates suggest that over 240,000 individuals are employed as domestic workers in Cambodia. Yet despite their number, domestic workers remain unprotected by most Cambodian labor laws. In an article published on December 3rd 2021, Dr Anju Mary Paul and Dolphie Bou evaluate Cambodia’s domestic work industry, and expose the limitations of existing legislation regulating the sector. Read the full article published in The Southeast Asia Globe here.