Sri Lanka Country Report

GCPI Sri Lanka Country and Technical Report. Sri Lanka’s limited recognition of non-female family caregivers, its lack of state funding of maternity benefits, and exclusion of domestic workers from its labor law coverage contributed to an overall poor score of 3.42. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka sports generous state healthcare services and nursing support for mothers alongside robust protections for forced and underage domestic workers.

Bangladesh Country Report

Bangladesh country and technical report. Bangladesh scored very poorly in the GCPI, with its overall score of 0.96 placing it in the ‘Weak’ band. A key reason for this poor performance is the extremely limited legal framework to protect caregivers. Domestic work is also considered informal employment in Bangladesh, and as such is not covered by labor laws. They consequently lack any legislation that guarantees their labor rights, or access to fair employment processes, or decent working and living conditions.

Cambodia: Care Policy Evaluation 2021

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in South-East Asia that has experienced rapid economic growth since the turn of the 21st century. However, a majority of Cambodia’s workforce is employed in the informal sector. The country thus struggles in creating laws that successfully protect its careworkers.

Carework remains heavily gendered in Cambodia. While the nation has extended maternity leave and many forms of maternity pay to many classes of workers, provisions for paternity leave and adoptive leave remain elusive. Due to the lack of more robust protections for family caregivers, Cambodia only scores 2.02 out of 10 for sub-index A.

Cambodia scores better in sub-index B, with an overall score of 5.40 out of 10. Domestic workers remain excluded from many labor laws, though recent laws promise marginal protections. While employers must still provide domestic workers with a contract and safe accommodation, domestic workers are still excluded from many protections – such as minimum wage and social security benefits.

Overall, Cambodia scores a 3.71 out of 10 for the GCPI, positioning the nation in the “Emerging” protections band. Cambodia is indeed making efforts to protect family caregivers and domestic workers, but more comprehensive measures are certainly needed. You can read Cambodia’s country report and technical report here.