Saudi Arabia Country Profile

Saudi Arabia country and technical report. Report summary: Saudi Arabia’s limited maternity protections and lack of provisions for flexible working arrangements or dependent care leave contributed to a poor performance in Sub-Index A. While its primarily migrant domestic workforce continues to be saddled by the kafala system which invites abuse, recent domestic worker legislation contributed to a comparatively better performance in Sub-Index B.

South Korea Country Profile

South Korea Country and Technical report. Report summary: Where South Korea’s recent social welfare reforms providing comprehensive pregnancy and maternity leave protections, dependent care leave, and flexible work arrangement provisions contributed to a high Sub-Index A score, its inadequate and underdeveloped employment protections for domestic workers, particularly migrant domestic workers, reflects in a poorer performance in Sub-Index B. South Korea is rated as “Maturing”, with a total score of 6.92.

Philippines Country Report

Country and technical report. Report summary: The Philippines’ comprehensive protection for domestic workers and its recent legislative progress on maternity leave provisions which increased benefits and comprehensive coverage for a wider range of working mothers have contributed to its relatively high score in the GCPI. There are however much room for improvement in providing dependent care leave and flexible work arrangements, as well as enforcements of carework protections.