Canada: Care Policy Evaluation 2021

Canada is a high income country situated in North America, and holds an impressive score of 0.922 on the Human Development Index (HDI). Our research has found that while Canada performs well both in protecting family caregivers and protecting domestic workers, Canada offers particularly robust labor protections to domestic workers. Notably, Canada requires that migrant domestic workers must have signed employment contracts with their employers, which is a significant forward step in formalizing care work. However, Canada is yet to introduce legal provisions for family friendly work arrangements, which limits the flexibility of family caregivers.

Therefore, Canada’s policy regime for caregivers and care-workers earned an overall score of 6.47/10 (Maturing) under the Global Care Policy Index (GCPI). The final country report and technical report on Canada can be accessed here.

An elderly woman in Canada receives care from a health worker. The elderly are often overlooked, but require high levels of care from family and those around them. Photo by Dragana Gordic, on Shutterstock.

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