Jordan: Care Policy Evaluation 2022

Jordan is a upper-middle income Arab country that was notably the first nation in the Middle East to include domestic workers under the protections of her national labor laws. However with an overall GCPI score of 4.62/10.00 (Emerging), Jordanian legislation still has to improve upon its policies for family caregivers.

In Sub-Index A, Jordan’s score of 3.19/10.00 is on the lower end of the emerging band. While women are indeed entitled to fully paid maternity leave for 10 weeks, other important supporting legislation remains missing – such as a lack of flexible leave legislation and anti-discrimination legislation upon return to work.

In Sub-Index B, Jordan performs better with a score of 6.05 out of 10.00 – but the policy-practice gap remains clear. Although legislation exists to guarantee domestic workers rest, sick leave, and safe living conditions, enforcement is weak. Importantly, Jordan is a destination for migrant domestic laborers who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

You can read more about Jordan’s care policies in the Country and Technical reports here.

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