Philippines: Care Policy Evaluation 2022

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country that has been a site for rapid care policy development in the last few years. Owing to this, the Philippines earned an overall GCPI score of 7.23/10.00, placing it in the higher end of the ‘Maturing’ Index band.

In Sub-Index A, the Philippines scored 5.88/10.00. Outstanding policies include guaranteeing maternity leave for all working women (including those in the informal sector). However, paternity leave and flexible work arrangements remain underdeveloped.

In Sub-Index B, the Philippines score 8.58/10.00. This excellent score is derived from specially developed protections against the abuse of domestic workers, including provisions for the rescue and rehabilitation of victims. Contracts are mandatory, and all categories of domestic work are covered under the Labor Code. There remains room for improvement though, in legislation on the working environment and working hours of domestic workers.

You can read more about care policies in the Philippines here.

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