Saudi Arabia: Care Policy Evaluation 2022

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is blessed with a strong economy, but suffers from underdeveloped care policies. With an overall GCPI score of only 4.00/10.00, Saudi Arabia’s care policies – particularly those protections for family caregivers – are in need of improvement.

Saudi Arabia scores 2.32/10.00 in Sub-Index A, placing it in the ‘Weak’ Index band. This score reflects a total lack of dependent care and flexible work policies, and very limited protections for pregnant women. Fully paid maternity leave in Saudi Arabia excludes certain categories of women such as part-time workers, and women only receive fully paid maternity leave if they have already worked three or more years for their employer.

Sub-Index B sees Saudi Arabia perform better, with a score of 5.67/10.00. Most domestic workers in Saudi Arabia are migrants, and hotlines exist to provide migrant domestic workers with special assistance. However, domestic workers are barred from trade union activity, and have no minimum wage. There is minimal regulation of the living and working conditions of domestic workers too.

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